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As they are allowed to ripe slowly, the coffee beans are considerably harder and are therefore well suited to our very careful, intensive and aromatic roasting. At Caffè Gemelli, raw beans are separated by type before roasting. This is the way to guarantee to premium-quality coffee. We achieve this with traditional drum roasting.


Accurate to the motto “A coffee must taste like a painting by one of the Italian masters – simply perfect!”, we have developed two different coffee varieties.


Caffè Gemelli Giuseppe

The selection of the beans and the separate roasting of each provenance in the drum roaster produces a well-rounded, light taste. Simply a masterpiece.

Caffè Gemelli Alessandro

Is the typically Italian creation in the world of Gemelli’s coffees – the unique blend of different bean varieties. Four high-quality arabica varieties, including a perfect coffee from Colombia, and the extravagant robustas Inda Parchment and Inda Cherry make for a full espresso. Gemelli Alessandro is an excellent base for latte macchiato, caffè latte and cappuccino.

Gemelli’s Caffè varieties



Josef Kirisits passion is coffee. Together with roasters Corrado Bassanese and Fabrizio Polojaz, Josef laid the foundations for the Gemelli brand – the roasting of the finest beans and the union of Italian and Austrian coffee culture. Together, they have almost 100 years of professional experience with coffee and an excellent instinct for sustainable production processes.

The finest coffee beans

Only selected gourmet coffee beans from the best growing regions are used for Caffè Gemelli – this is grand cru coffee. They ripe in the mountainous regions of Latin America, Indonesia and East Africa at altitudes of up to 2,000 metres. This is where the world’s finest coffee grows.


Our coffee is allowed to develop its aroma and all its characteristic flavours. The result is the best blend for discerning coffee connoisseurs.

Coffee tastes best in a nice coffee cup.

To reach the best taste of Caffè Gemelli, drink it from the Gemelli cup. Pamper yourself and your customers with perfect espresso in a modern cup with a special design. We offer the high quality of Caffè Gemelli cups for your coffee. The Caffè Gemelli cups are an Italian classic from the north of Ancap. The cups are made of high-quality hard porcelain and the company attaches great importance to sustainability and environmental protection during their production.

Thanks to the finest coffee beans and separate roasting, Caffè Gemelli tastes absolutely delicious. Let yourself be inspired by some classic coffee recipes.

Espresso cup

Cappuccino cup











Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the perfect cup of coffee.

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Gemelli means “twins” in Italian. Behind the two coffee varieties, Giuseppe and Alessandro, there are twin brothers with very different characters. Their personalities are also expressed in the coffees and are reflected in the simplicity of the packaging. The urban look and blend of a matt and glossy finish come together to create a distinctive trademark.

Caffè Gemelli – L’espresso di elevata qualità


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